12 Nov 2015

What Salon?

Ever been stuck for a hair appointment??  Or wanted a quick change of style but didn't want to wait for an appointment?  Well help is at hand, say hello to What Salon.  This is the new Apple/Android app that allows you to log on and find your nearest salon and book an appointment for the very same day.  The app also has a wallet feature that you can upload cash into, this can be used to pay for your hair appointment.

It is really quite simple, you download the App, log in and add a credit/debit card, search for your nearest salon and then book an appointment.  You can even choose which stylist you would prefer.  There are salons in Dublin City Centre, North and South Dublin and salons in Cork available on the app.

So today I gave it a whirl and here is how I got on....................

At 12 noon today I logged onto the app and picked a salon close to my office and booked an appointment for 1.30pm.  The app took a deposit and the remainder can be paid at the salon.  It was as simple as that.  An hour and half later I was sitting in the lovely Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon on Parliament Street.

And let me tell you this place is so nice, the staff were lovely and friendly.  My stylist, Catherine, sat me down for a consultation even though it was just a blow dry, so she could be sure what I wanted.  Then over to the basins for a detoxing shampoo to get rid of any build up of product from my hair, followed by the most relaxing head massage while she applied a lavender scented conditioner, seriously I nearly fell asleep.

Then she blow dried my hair just as I wanted and finished the style off with some Aveda Styling Potion and Hairspray.  As I went to leave the salon the most typical of scenarios unfolded, the bloody heavens opened and I was totally unprepared, but thankfully the salon stocked one of the most important items needed for surviving in Ireland, umbrellas!!  Yes, there was a stand by the till stocked with handbag sized umbrellas for the tidy sum of €6, same price as Pennys (just saying).  So I snapped one up and went on my merry way with my blow dry still intact.

All in All, I am very impressed with the service of both the What Salon app and Whetstone Salon and will definitely be using both again.  If you are like me and don't have the patience to wait for an appointment once you have decided to change your hair or are just bad remembering to book yourself in when you have a night out planned, then this is your only man, especially with the festive season fast approaching.

So get downloading.........

Dee xx

17 Oct 2015

Bar Talk

                         Bar Talk

-Can I ask you something Mick?
-Well you can ask.
-Just between meself and yourself.
-Not to leave this bar.
-Of course.
-In confidence like.
-Jaysus Joe will you just bleedin’ spit it out.
-Eh does your missis ever ask you to do anything -how can I put this - saucy in the bedroom?
-You know kinky.
-Like what?
-I don’t know, to try something...different.
-Weird shit like?
-No not weird as such just...
-Like a threesome or something?
-No, god no...well not unless it was a really foxy boiler with big jelliers, then maybe I’d think about it.
-What if it was another bloke?
-Ah fuck no, not in a bleedin’ million.  --Looking at some hairy arsed fucker riding me missis, no bloody way.
-What if it wasn’t your missis he wanted to ride?
-Ah now ask me bollix Mick, you always have to go that one step too far.
-Well you never know.
-I do know, ok!
-Ok relax I got it, so what are we talking about then?
-I don’t know like tying each other up and some of that whipping malarkey.
-Oh!  Ah yeah myself and Una do a bit of that every now and again, you know for special occasions - anniversaries and birthdays and shit.
-Ah yeah Joe, sure you have to.
-Are you winding me up?
-No, look mate this is not the dark ages where women just lay on their backs and -let you get on with your business, birds nowadays like to be satisfied too.
-Well fuck me pink.
-Una loves it, has all her little sexy dress up outfits and all.
-Fuck off!
-Seriously, little skimpy nurses costume, French maid...
-That’s it I’ll never be able to look that girl in the eye again.
-It’s deadly, love a bit of role play me.
-I must be living down a hole or something, I can’t believe this.  I thought my Viv’s menopause was kicking in when she suggested it.
-I remember this one time, I’d had a bastard of a week in work.  I was like a walking bastard, all the wrong windows were delivered for a job I was working on and I couldn’t finish the job or get paid until the right one’s arrived.
-I know, stopped using that crowd after that I tell you.  Anyway it was Friday bout 6 and all I wanted to do was have a shower, order a Chinese, have a few cans and maybe if I was really lucky get a quick hand shandy off Una before bed.
-Ah stop will ya, the perfect night in.
-What happened?
-I opened the door and the house was in complete darkness.
-At 6?
-Yeah it was winter.
-Ah right, yeah it’d be well dark be then alright.
-Anyway, all the way up the stairs on every second step she’d put a tea light.
-What’s a tea light when it’s at home?
-Those little roundy candles.
-Oh those feckin’ yokes.  My Viv’s obsessed with them, bloody fire hazard if you ask me.
-Then on the landing leading all the way to the bedroom.
-Where were the kids?
-Una had brought them to her Ma’s after school for a sleepover.
-I see, just as well with all those candles.
When I opened the bedroom door, there was my Una draped across the bed, dressed head to toe in a skin tight black pvc cat suit, with...wait for this...matching whip.
-Fuck right off!
-God’s honest truth, I nearly creamed me bleedin’ trousers on the spot.
-I can imagine.  What happened then?
-What do you think happened?
-I don’t know!
-Ah Jaysus Joe use your imagination.
-Me imagination is running riot at the moment.
-Well let’s just say we didn’t play tiddlywinks.
-Yeah!  No! Jaysus!
-Beats a six pack of dutchie and a chingers any day I tell ya.
-Well that shut you up, don’t think I’ve ever seen you lost for words before Joe.
-I just never thought about any of that stuff before, thought it was just for those dirty films you know!
-Not at all, sure it’s all the rage these days, especially since all that 50 shades shite.
-What’s that?
-The dirty book all the aulwans are reading.
-Never heard of it.
-You really have been living down a hole.
-Must be!
-Made S&M very popular indeed so it has.  Boilers all around the world are horny as fuck reading it and who are the ones benefiting as a result?
-The husbands of course!
-I see.
-Here where are you going?
-Eh I’m heading off.
-But it’s your round.
-Yeah fair enough, there’s a fiver - I have to go.
-Well that’s a first.
-What’s that?
-You leaving half a pint behind.  You not feeling well?
-Never been better Mick me aul mate.
-If you say so.
-Here Mick.
What time does the library close at?
-Never mind...........

Lorna xxx

22 Sep 2015

NYX Wonder Stick: Contouring! Anyone can do it.

I finally managed to get my hands on a product I've been dying to try for ages, and it's so hard to get, what with NYX stands being pillaged as soon as new stock comes in.  It is the answer to many girls prayers, especially if they are having trouble getting to grips with the whole contour and highlighting trend.  Its the Wonder Stick from NYX.

13 Sep 2015

Dear Shit Head ; Letter from a disgruntled wife on the red!


 Dear Sean SHIT HEAD,

Ok so seen as yet again you’ve proved yourself incapable of having an adult conversation to try and resolve our argument, opting for the pub instead, I thought I’d write you a letter to tell you exactly why I’m in such a “Pissy” humour - as you so eloquently put it.  Oh and also because I’ve just opened bottle numero deux from your ‘secret’ stash of red, I’ll most likely be asleep when you get home.

Firstly Sean the fact that you can’t comprehend why I’m so upset over such a “trivial thing” 
(your words not mine) sum’s you right up. 

10 Sep 2015

Holidaying with a Child........what a difference!

So I’m just back from my holiday, depressed as hell but back to reality and normality.  This was the first proper holiday we have had since Daisy was born, and man was it totally different from any we have had before.  Gone are the hangovers and drinking from noon with cocktails by the pool………….

Now we have travelled with her before, we’ve gone to London for a weekend, I also brought her to Holland with me to visit relatives, but we haven’t been able to have a proper, on our own, family holiday.  This is mostly down to Daisy being ill, but the older she gets the stronger she gets, so this year we decided to bite the bullet.  I know some people will read that last sentence and be like “WTF?”, but when you have a child who suffers with the illnesses Daisy has, and gets as sick as she does, it’s hard to plan anything and to be perfectly honest, I was always way to nervous to bring her away for more then a couple of days.  Even with this holiday I wouldn’t go foreign, there is no way I’m taking the chance of going to a different country and having to explain all the different issue she has to a foreign hospital.

So we went for a “Staycation”, and we picked the Wild Atlantic Way, mainly Cork, Shannon, Kilkee and Doolin.  We had listened to friends and colleagues saying that holidaying in Ireland was more expensive, but I don’t agree.  We were lucky to have a voucher for a two night stay in Cork City, so we just had to organise accommodation for the rest of week.  So straight to the deal pages I went.  I knew the areas we wanted to see, so I just picked the deals that were in the same location, called the hotels before buying any vouchers, confirmed availability, bought the voucher and confirmed the bookings.  The hotel vouchers we bought all had either dinner included or money towards the food bill, so that saved us some money.  We had wanted to camp (thank god we didn’t) but instead we choose to go Glamping instead, best decision EVER.

We stayed in the Maldron in Cork City, nice hotel but very lacking in atmosphere, there was nothing wrong with the hotel just a bit Blah if you get my meaning.  The food was grand, so was the room and the bar area but nothing to write home about, good or bad.  But I did love our day trips while in Cork, we visited Fota Wildlife and Daisy loved it.  I have to say I think I prefer it to the Zoo, it was great to get so close to the animals.  We went really early in the morning so we were able to see some of the animals getting feed and we got to some of the live talks from the keepers.
Fota Wildlife

We went down to Cobh after the park and just strolled along the quay side, then went in for a lovely lunch on the waterside.  Then next day we went to Blackrock Castle and Observatory.  This was brilliant, the castle itself is so picturesque and the tour is really interesting, but the best bit is the inflatable planetarium, it’s a must see if you are down that way.
Blackrock Castle & The nicest restaurant in Cork Market Lane
Our Beer Taster palette

We visited Shannon too but Gavin was sick the whole time we were there, so we didn’t leave the hotel, although there didn’t seem to be much around us, I happened to meet a friend in the hotel bar, so when Daisy had gone to bed, I went drinking with her!!!  The best bit about staying in Ireland was that when we decided to leave for holidays two days early we were able to ring the hotels we planned to stay in and found last minute availability and off we went, this was great for the little bit (only bit)of spontaneity.

Some of the beaches we visited, Kilkee, Spainish Point & Fanore

Kilkee was actually busier then I thought it would be and the beach was great, not too cold or windy and shops and restaurants right beside us.  However the hotel we stayed in was very old fashioned, they still used KEYS in the room doors, actual keys!!  And the staff in the bar were just plainly rude, we only stayed one night and that was more then enough. 

But the best part of our holiday had to be Doolin.  It was the furthest west either of us had ever been and I don’t think we were prepared for the weather we were meet with.   We stayed in Nagles Camping park, in the Glamping pods and I couldn’t recommend it enough.  The pods are nicely sized and so warm.  We had a double and single bed in the pod along with a sofa, there was a small fridge, kettle and counter top provided along with cutlery and plates/bowls, everything you could need.  The facilities on site were nearby and clean, with the hottest showers, which you need when you spend time in the windy beaches.  Having purchased wetsuits (a must) we decided to try out the wild sea and it wasn’t half as bad as you would think, even Daisy loved splashing around in it.  We did the tourist visits like the Cliff of Moher and the Aliwee Caves, both well worth the visit, we even took a trip to Lisdoonvara to see the “Match-making Festival” but lets just say, your not missing much if you decide to give it a miss.
Our Glamping pod in Doolin

Bird show @ the Aliwee Caves

Inside the Aliwee Caves
We had a very relaxed week, didn’t plan anything and just took each day in our stride, we didn’t have sunshine all week but all in all the weather wasn’t that bad by Ireland’s standards.  We tried to time our comings and goings so we were in the car driving to our next stop during the rain showers and we were pretty successful with it.  But it was a very different holiday then we were used to.  The last time Gavin and I had been away it was Cocktails till Dawn and dancing like maniacs.  This time it was maybe a pint in the pub/ restaurant at dinner then back to the room by nine.  I know we could have put Daisy in a buggy and stayed out later but I don’t think it’s fair on the child to expect them to sit quietly for hours and I definitely wouldn’t have her running around annoying other people.  What we tended to do was  have a drink or two in the room/Pod and go to bed early ourselves, that way when the Human Alarm Clock (Daisy) awoke at 7 am as she normally does, we weren’t wrecked and could get up and at ‘em and beat the crowds.

It’s mad but we didn’t miss the mad nights at all, and we both agreed that it was our favourite holiday, so obviously we are getting old!!!  Don’t get me wrong I still love my girly weekends away and it’s nice to get a babysitter and go on the tear with Gav.  I suppose it’s all a part of growing older and having your own family. 

Dee xx

9 Sep 2015

Turning 40!!!

Turning 40 was a turning point in my life.  I’m a mother to three amazing children, a wife to my loving husband of 14 years and my biggest goal and dream to have my first play staged already accomplished.  Now that I am middle aged with four decades behind me it’s a time for reflection and acceptance. 
 Reflecting on all the wonderful things I’ve seen and done in my life thus far and accepting I am no longer a ‘Spring Chicken’ as they say.   I now have limits not only on a physical level but a realisation of limits that this new found maturity brings.  For example the knowledge that maybe my go to L.B.D. (little black dress) should now be at least 2 inches below the knee, opposed to above as would have been a prerequisite post 40.  The relief of finally being able to ‘let myself go’ to a degree welcomed.  The pressure of preening and maintaining my now ageing body easing.  Those stubborn wiry pube like grey hairs on my previous raven crown and glory finally being granted the freedom to stand loud and proud from the root.  I am now a woman of a certain age and with this new title comes responsibility.  A responsibility to set and preserve an example to those in my wake and my predecessors to grow old gracefully.

2 Sep 2015

Summer is over....Time for a change in Skin Care

Sad and all as it is, Summer is over!  Traffic is crap again and there is Chr**tmas stuff in some shops, WTF?  But with the end of our “Sunny” Season, comes the need to change up your skincare routine.  As the weather changes and the cold air starts to creep in over the next few weeks, you should make a point of having a good look at what your putting on you face and consider what could do with being left behind and if you need additional products. 

22 Aug 2015

End of Summer Giveaway: Prizes added

Just to let you guys know, I've reached over 300 Followers on Facebook so I've added two extra prizes to the giveaway.

Check out the Facebook page to enter.

16 Aug 2015

Need a new TV Show?

Isn't "summer" grand?  The good weather shining down on us!!!  The fecking Irish summer is as disappointing as the TV schedule during this wet and miserable time.  We all sit on the sofa and moan about nothing being on all year round, but it really is true during the summer.  But thank god for the Internet and smart TV.  I can't wait for my regular shows, like Grey's, to return in September, but for now I have jumped into the interweb and found me some new shows to keep me going.  And there are some great shows to make the "summer" a bit less miserable.  I thought I'd give you my suggestions so you can keep your sanity until the Autumn/ winter schedule starts.

9 Aug 2015

End of Summer Giveaway!

So August is here and in the blink of an eye the kids will be back in school, the traffic will be shite again and the sun will probably be splitting the stone (please god).  So to help you get through the next four weeks I have decided to hold a giveaway.  I was going to split it in two but when I asked followers what they preferred, most said to just have one big prize.

So here is what is on offer:

Six piece Royal & Langnickel Makeup Brush Kit
W7 "In the nude" eyeshadow palette
Catrice Eyebrow Filler
2 Catrice Lipsticks
Catrice Nail,polish  "Millionaire Brilliance"
SoSu Nail polish "Good as Gold "

6 Aug 2015

Looking for the LOL’s on Snapchat?

So I’m pretty new to the whole Snapchat thing but I have to say it may well just be my favourite social media platform.  I do still like Instagram and Facebook, and Twitter is still great but lets be honest, most people use these platforms to show the best parts of their day/life.  Not with Snapchat, it’s just ordinary (yet some well known) people giving you a glimpse into their lives.  And I have to say there are some absolutely HI-LAR-IOUS folks on there.  So I decided to make a list of who I think is worth following and who will give you the most LOL’s.

1. Jameskava – Irelands Best Blogger - just started following him in the last day or so but he is so funny, I actually PMSL in the middle of my office and got into trouble for snapchatting in work.  So worth it, so very worth it.

2. Lovelygirlybits – I’ve known Karen (www.lovelygirlybits.com)  for a while now and always thought she was funny, but her snapchat takes it to another level.   She is so down to earth, despite her internet fame and is the invertor of the word “Pubicles”, go follow her you will see what I mean.

3. Sharonleavy – Again only following her a few days, but she is just a scream.  I am a big fan of her blog (www.behindgreeneyes.com) and have followed her on twitter for years.  Having watched some of her snaps, I know really want to meet her in person.  She is a mother to 3 little kids and yet still finds the time to tell it like it is.

4. Rosemarymaccabe- Deputy Editor of Stellar Magazine, and all around comedian.  From her rants about the Luas to her musings on everyday life, she is by far my favourite Irish Snapchatter.  Another person who has me LOL-ing in work. 

5.Beatingblog – aka Karen from Ballyfermot, another lady I have followed on twitter forever.  Just your everyday Irish mammy from the ‘Fermot, but funny without even trying.  I have all the loves for her.

So they are my total faves at the moment, they keep my day filled with entertainment and major LOL’s.  

A couple others worth mentioning are @cartermarissa, the maker of Cocoa Brown, she has they most soothing voice ever, like she should be a voice over person for a meditation tape, and @rosieconnxxx, Rosie is ridiculously pretty and a great snapper too, give ‘em both a follow.

And if you don’t snapchat, get on it.  You can give me a follow too, @deefur.

Snap you soon,

Dee xx


27 Jul 2015

Review : LVL Lashes from The Brow Boutique

So this weekend my twin sister is getting married and I take my place beside her as CHIEF Bridesmaid (zilla).  Everything is organised now and it’s just a matter of getting those last minute fiddly jobs done, such as tan, nails and lashes.  I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide what option to go for with my lashes, frankly I didn’t realise there were so many options.

From Mink Lashes, to Russian lashes, weekend clusters or Lash perming, there are lots to consider.  Personally I don’t like strips on my eyes, I wear contacts at times and find the strips way to heavy, and I normally end up pulling them off before the end of the night.  I tend to choose cluster or individual lashes (see my post on Penny’s), but I wanted something a little longer lasting.  So after a lot of researching on ‘Tinternet  I discovered LVL Lashes.

This is a system of lash perming used by The Brow Boutique (Jervis Centre & Swords).  I checked out a review done by the lovely Lisa Eldridge, whose opinion I would trust, and having seen the results and what the procedure entailed I was convinced that this was what I wanted.  So I headed up to Jervis centre and got myself an appointment and a patch test.  The patch test is compulsory and must be carried out 48 hours before the treatment.

16 Jul 2015

Pennys : Love Beauty Bar

So unless you live under a rock, you will know that Penny’s have introduced a Beauty Bar in the Mary Street Branch.  It offers services such as Gel/Acrylic Nails, Eyebrow Threading/Tinting and False Lashes.  Best of all its super affordable; I mean almost half the price of other establishments that offer similar services.  Eyebrow Threading, of which I am a huge fan, costs a mere €7 and the tinting costs the same, and I must say they are brilliant at it.  I have used the Love Beauty Bar several times and I’m never disappointed with the result.

Recently I decided to get the false lashes for a night out.  I went for the Cluster lashes, basically little buds with3 or 4 lashes attached.  I choose the half set, in a short length, as I wanted a fairly natural look and I didn’t want the lashes banging off my glasses.  It cost me €16 for the half set and took about 15 minutes or so to have them applied.

15 Jul 2015

Bridesmaid-zilla :Beware of the crazy bridesmaid

In two and half weeks my twin sister, Donna, will walk down the Aisle.  And in-front of her will be me, the chief bridesmaid.  There will be 3 other bridesmaids but who the hell cares about them??
Now I take my duty as bridesmaid VERY seriously, I love helping out with ideas and suggestions for the wedding, I have travelled to Tipperary weekend after weekend to get stuff done and I love it, it’s so much fun.  My sister, normally a little highly strung, is so laid back it’s unreal.  I thought she would be climbing the walls by now, but no, nothing seems to faze her.  We went for the meal tasting, her hotel lets the couple invite two guests to help out with the decision of what to serve, and even though it didn’t go to plan she remained as calm as ever and just shrugged her shoulders, saying “Sure we will go back again and do another tasting until we’re happy”!!!!!!!  WTF I’d be hitting the roof.
Bridesmaid-zilla with my calm face on

Time off........ But I'm back!!

Sorry folks, I know it’s been forever since I last posted, but as I said I wanted to take the blog in a different direction and I am working with additional writers so you guys don’t get bored.  I will still be posting reviews and recommendations but there will also be lifestyle and parenting posts.  As they say, “write what you know”.  I may even include some makeup Tutorials, if you behave.  I can’t promise to post every day/week but I will keep it as regular as possible.  I do have a two year old (*screaming in the background “I’m two in a half”) and she keeps me really busy, more on that later, but I will endeavour to keep the site going. 
Right so, you may be wondering why I stopped writing in the first place, well here goes:
In 2012 I gave birth to Daisy, and I took some time off from writing but dabbled a bit here and there.  However in November of that year Daisy was diagnosed with a heart condition called Isolated Dextrocardia.  Basically her heart is back-to-front and on the wrong side of her body.  Shocking? Yes.  Dangerous?  Not really.  Just really rare.  The main thing the doctors had to ensure was that the rest of her organs where were they should be, they are, that is when it can get really serious.  Daisy, from the age of 6 weeks old, kept getting bronchiolitis also, she was in and out of hospital quite regularly and at 18 weeks (Christmas time) she had to be admitted to ICU and put on a ventilator.  As you can imagine this was the most terrifying time of my life, I had no idea what was happening to my little girl.
She was in ICU for 3 weeks and then eventually came home at the end of January 2013 only to be readmitted in February.  It pretty much has been that way ever since.  We normally get a few weeks grace before she gets sick again.  Although in the last 10 months or so we have seen her get stronger and we have been able to manage her at home.  So we knew it wasn’t her heart that was the problem, the doctors kept investigating why she keeps getting sick and last summer we discovered that not only is her right lung half the size it should be, but half of it is collapsed (full of mucus).  Her left lung also had issues, with the tubing in it not being the correct shape!!!  She doesn’t like to do things by half!  Go hard or go home!
So the struggle continues, but we have learnt to live with it and it doesn’t stop her from being a normal toddler at all when she is well.  But it did stop me from doing what I love, blogging, there just wasn’t enough time in the day.  So I decided to leave it be until now, we have some routine in our daily life, most of the time, and thankfully Daisy sleeps 12 hours MOST nights. (#SmugBitch)
That’s it, that’s my excuse/reason.  If anyone else reading this has had experience with Dextrocardia please let me know, I’m dying to talk to other parents.  And if you have any ideas or suggestions for posts/reviews you would like to see, please let me know in the comments.

Dee xx