11 May 2011

Bronz' Express by Academie

Now i am a true Irish skinned girl, in that i burn in record speed and have NEVER gotten a tan and i have tried everything, so i must depend on fake tan and am always searching for the next best thing in tanning.   I have used this tan before about two years ago but just recently came across it again and to be honest don't know why I stopped using it.  I bought this in a chemist on Grafton Street a couple of weeks ago for just €13.95 which was a sale price, if i remember correctly it normally retails for around €17.  I have only ever seen it for sale in chemists such as Uni Care and also The Nail and Beauty Lounge @ Dublin Airport (it's the tan they use in the salon).

The formula is qutie unlike any other tan i have used as it is not a mousse or cream, it's a liquid and by that i mean really watery.  But don't let this put you off, it's brown in colour so you can see exactly where it's going so can avoid any streaks, and have the benefit of having an instant tan that darkens over a few hours.

Arm Untanned

Arm Tanned

Legs Untanned

Legs Tanned

You need to use a tanning glove as you can definatly not spread this with your hands. The other great thing about this tan is that it drys REALLY quick.  I mean ultra fast, no other tan i have ever used dries as fast.  By the time you have finished applying to your second leg your first is bone dry and ready for a second application if you fancy a darker result.  As you can see from the pics the colour is visable immediatley but not too dark, so in my opinion its perfect for applying in the morning for a light tan and then by night your have a deeper tan.  These photos were taken straight after application.

You can see how much of the bottle i used in this pic, now that was a full body application (arms, legs, torso, chest and back) done twice with a little extra on my legs and chest as they never seem to be as dark as every where else.  Now the only down side to this tan I can see is that as a quick drying liquid it can dry your skin more then other tans, so leave on to darken for a few hours then drown yourself in moisturiser to help keep your skin soft and ensure you get the most out of your tan.

Also this tan fades nicely and i am serious about this, I have never gotten any patchy bits when it has been wearing off, you know the bit inside your elbow that always seems to fade first and the back of the knees, well wit Bronz' Express this has never happened, it fades almost like a natural tan after 3-4 days.


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