15 Jul 2015

Bridesmaid-zilla :Beware of the crazy bridesmaid

In two and half weeks my twin sister, Donna, will walk down the Aisle.  And in-front of her will be me, the chief bridesmaid.  There will be 3 other bridesmaids but who the hell cares about them??
Now I take my duty as bridesmaid VERY seriously, I love helping out with ideas and suggestions for the wedding, I have travelled to Tipperary weekend after weekend to get stuff done and I love it, it’s so much fun.  My sister, normally a little highly strung, is so laid back it’s unreal.  I thought she would be climbing the walls by now, but no, nothing seems to faze her.  We went for the meal tasting, her hotel lets the couple invite two guests to help out with the decision of what to serve, and even though it didn’t go to plan she remained as calm as ever and just shrugged her shoulders, saying “Sure we will go back again and do another tasting until we’re happy”!!!!!!!  WTF I’d be hitting the roof.
Bridesmaid-zilla with my calm face on

I have been more stressed then she has, worrying about dress fittings, decorations and the likes.  But then maybe that’s why we make a good team, we are Ying and Yang to each other.  The shocking thing is in normal everyday life it’s the total opposite, she is the “highly strung” perfectionist and I’m the “yeah whatever” one.  How can a white dress can change this?  And it’s not even my big day!!!

My biggest stress has been the Hen Party.  It began back in January when we decided on the theme, 1950’s Rock & Roll.  The hotel was chosen, after much research and bargaining, the date was booked, after ensuring that everyone could make it (not an easy task) and the *Fun* began.
I had chosen a hotel that I knew my sister loved, The Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore.  And in fairness the staff were out of this world helpful.  I set up a Facebook page for the guests, to make it easier to communicate with them.  I was posting costume suggestions, to ensure everyone had an idea of what to wear. I was the ultimate CONTROL FREAK!  If someone offered to help I dismissed it, I didn’t trust them to get what I wanted done to my standards (weirdo).   I would veto any ideas that I deemed “Not in keeping with the Theme”.  I even enforced a No Willy Straw Rule for the weekend (pure Tack).  The week before the hen, one of my other sisters called to say that she and my cousin had purchased a blow up doll for the weekend……………………NOT A FUCKING CHANCE!!!!!!!!!  We were dressing up in 1950’s prom dresses, the least we could do is TRY and act like ladies.  I literally HATE the tackiness of some hen parties, HATE!  I made them return it because, say it with me now: “It's not in keeping with the theme of the hens”.  This was my mantra for the entire weekend.

I had the weekend planned with military precision, and yes, I did have itineraries for everyone.  I am sure all of the guests, including my own family, thought I was a bit like a Dictator.  I just enjoy order people.   And in fairness the weekend passed without a problem, we arrived on time, enjoyed our cocktail making class, dinner and plenty of dancing and drinking.  And got many’s a look from other guests while in our evening attire.
That being said I was very stressed, but I would do it again in a heart beat, and probably be even more of a bridesmaid-zilla.  Roll on the next Hen party; I think I may have missed my calling in life.  #shoudhavebeenaneventplanner

Dee xx

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