27 Jul 2015

Review : LVL Lashes from The Brow Boutique

So this weekend my twin sister is getting married and I take my place beside her as CHIEF Bridesmaid (zilla).  Everything is organised now and it’s just a matter of getting those last minute fiddly jobs done, such as tan, nails and lashes.  I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide what option to go for with my lashes, frankly I didn’t realise there were so many options.

From Mink Lashes, to Russian lashes, weekend clusters or Lash perming, there are lots to consider.  Personally I don’t like strips on my eyes, I wear contacts at times and find the strips way to heavy, and I normally end up pulling them off before the end of the night.  I tend to choose cluster or individual lashes (see my post on Penny’s), but I wanted something a little longer lasting.  So after a lot of researching on ‘Tinternet  I discovered LVL Lashes.

This is a system of lash perming used by The Brow Boutique (Jervis Centre & Swords).  I checked out a review done by the lovely Lisa Eldridge, whose opinion I would trust, and having seen the results and what the procedure entailed I was convinced that this was what I wanted.  So I headed up to Jervis centre and got myself an appointment and a patch test.  The patch test is compulsory and must be carried out 48 hours before the treatment.

I arrived at my appointment having had no reaction to the solution that was to be used, thank god.  I had Vanessa carrying out the procedure and after a quick consultation; I sat back in the chair and prepared to have my eyes shut for 45 minutes.  This doesn’t sound like much but it’s actually quite hard, unless you are asleep, I really had to fight the urge to open my eyes.

Vanessa started by applying shields to my lower lashes, obviously you don’t want you lower lashes pointing up!!  Then a cushioned pad is applied to the eyelid, your lashes are then combed onto the cushion and the perming lotion is applied and left for ten minutes, once this has done its business, it’s removed and a neutralizer is applied and again left for ten minutes.  That is removed and your lashes are then tinted, I went for blue black as I prefer lashes as dark as my soul.  Once that’s all done and dusted, your lashes are wiped clean and the cushions and shields removed. 

So what was the result I hear you ask?  Well I was pretty darned impressed; I mean major curling going on.  You can see from the (freaky looking) pictures below how different my lashes look.  I don’t have any mascara on in either picture.  The after care is pretty simple, not getting them wet for 24 hours, avoid rubbing your eyes, and comb through your lashes daily, that kind of thing. 
bottom pic is the before 

 The whole thing cost €55 start to finish and in my eyes that is quite good for the service you are getting.  A full set of Cluster lashes in Penny’s Love Beauty Salon costs €30 and they only last for around 5 days, Mink lashes cost around €70, but as I said I am not really into heavy lashes, apart from anything else if they are too long they tend to hit of my glasses, and that’s super annoying.

LVL Lashes are meant to last up to six weeks so I will keep you updated, but I can see myself getting this done on a regular basis.  I would definitely recommend this salon and this procedure.

Dee xx

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