6 Aug 2015

Looking for the LOL’s on Snapchat?

So I’m pretty new to the whole Snapchat thing but I have to say it may well just be my favourite social media platform.  I do still like Instagram and Facebook, and Twitter is still great but lets be honest, most people use these platforms to show the best parts of their day/life.  Not with Snapchat, it’s just ordinary (yet some well known) people giving you a glimpse into their lives.  And I have to say there are some absolutely HI-LAR-IOUS folks on there.  So I decided to make a list of who I think is worth following and who will give you the most LOL’s.

1. Jameskava – Irelands Best Blogger - just started following him in the last day or so but he is so funny, I actually PMSL in the middle of my office and got into trouble for snapchatting in work.  So worth it, so very worth it.

2. Lovelygirlybits – I’ve known Karen (www.lovelygirlybits.com)  for a while now and always thought she was funny, but her snapchat takes it to another level.   She is so down to earth, despite her internet fame and is the invertor of the word “Pubicles”, go follow her you will see what I mean.

3. Sharonleavy – Again only following her a few days, but she is just a scream.  I am a big fan of her blog (www.behindgreeneyes.com) and have followed her on twitter for years.  Having watched some of her snaps, I know really want to meet her in person.  She is a mother to 3 little kids and yet still finds the time to tell it like it is.

4. Rosemarymaccabe- Deputy Editor of Stellar Magazine, and all around comedian.  From her rants about the Luas to her musings on everyday life, she is by far my favourite Irish Snapchatter.  Another person who has me LOL-ing in work. 

5.Beatingblog – aka Karen from Ballyfermot, another lady I have followed on twitter forever.  Just your everyday Irish mammy from the ‘Fermot, but funny without even trying.  I have all the loves for her.

So they are my total faves at the moment, they keep my day filled with entertainment and major LOL’s.  

A couple others worth mentioning are @cartermarissa, the maker of Cocoa Brown, she has they most soothing voice ever, like she should be a voice over person for a meditation tape, and @rosieconnxxx, Rosie is ridiculously pretty and a great snapper too, give ‘em both a follow.

And if you don’t snapchat, get on it.  You can give me a follow too, @deefur.

Snap you soon,

Dee xx


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