16 Aug 2015

Need a new TV Show?

Isn't "summer" grand?  The good weather shining down on us!!!  The fecking Irish summer is as disappointing as the TV schedule during this wet and miserable time.  We all sit on the sofa and moan about nothing being on all year round, but it really is true during the summer.  But thank god for the Internet and smart TV.  I can't wait for my regular shows, like Grey's, to return in September, but for now I have jumped into the interweb and found me some new shows to keep me going.  And there are some great shows to make the "summer" a bit less miserable.  I thought I'd give you my suggestions so you can keep your sanity until the Autumn/ winter schedule starts.

1. MOM.  This is an American sitcom with Anna Faris and Alison Janney.  Anna plays a recovering alcoholic with two kids, who allows her estranged mother, Janney, back into her life.  Sounds heavy but it's really funny. Janney is, as usual, HI-LAR-IOUS.  And even though I'm not a huge fan of Faris, i actually really like her in this.  There are 3 seasons, so you will get a few good TV binges out of it and it should be returning really soon for the next season.

2. ALPHA HOUSE.  With John Goodman as one of the leading roles, this is a must watch.  The storyline follows four Republican Senators that  house share.  While all conservatives they are all very different but equally funny.  The two seasons follow one of them trying to get re-elected, one trying to deal with his gay chief of staff, another trying to avoid a grand jury and the last dealing with his Fìance finding out about his cheating.   It's not as serious as the likes of the West Wing but it is very very funny.

3. GIRLS.  I know this show has been on for a few years and I'm late to the party but I am well and truly hooked.  Created by Lena Dunham, who also stars in the lead role, this show follows four friends as they make their way through their troublesome twenties.  The dramas that we all go through, from boyfriends to trying to get a good job, crop up for the characters.  It's Sex and the City for a new Generation.  I binged on the show for a few days and now I'm all caught up and dying for the next season.

4. AMERICAN HORROR STORY.  Now I've only watched the first season but I'm hooked.  As the title implies, it's a horror but it is so gripping.  Jessica Lang stars in this and is EPIC.  With a lot of twists and unexpected turns it will bee you glued to your screen.  Your not hiding behind the sofa with fear but it is filled with major drama.

5. THE STRAIN.  This is a mix between Outbreak and Buffy, kind of!  Vampire/Zombies are taking over the city and a bunch of misfits are trying to stop the epidemic.  Eph (main character) works for the The Dept. of Disease Control and along with his colleagues he is trying to find a cure for the mystery outbreak.  Along the way they are joined by different characters that want to help fight the vampires.  This wouldn't be my usual type of show but i loved it from the first episode.  Give it a chance.

Hope you guys find something you like.  If you have any other suggestions please comment below.

happy watching

Dee xx


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