22 Sep 2015

NYX Wonder Stick: Contouring! Anyone can do it.

I finally managed to get my hands on a product I've been dying to try for ages, and it's so hard to get, what with NYX stands being pillaged as soon as new stock comes in.  It is the answer to many girls prayers, especially if they are having trouble getting to grips with the whole contour and highlighting trend.  Its the Wonder Stick from NYX.

I pounced on this Contour Stick as soon as I seen they had my colour, or rather the colour I had so desired.  I picked up the Medium Colour even though I'm naturally pale (somewhere between MAC NW15 & NW20) and the reason behind this was simple..... I have read a lot of reviews that claimed the light shade were simply too light to get a decent contour.  Even when I'm not wearing tan or bronzer I like to create a slight contour on my round face.

And after swatching it, I'm glad I went with the medium, it's just right, not orange at all and it can be built up to give a darker colour, although if I was wearing tan I'd probably use a different product with a darker colour.

The main thing I love about this, is its ease of use.  For anyone who is confused about contouring, this is a great product to start with.  There is even pictures on the side of the box to show you have to apply it.   But because I'm super nice I've captured a photographic tutorial to help you guys out.  My gorgeous twiny Donna has kindly offered to be my model for today, so lets get on with it.

Start off with a fresh face and apply your foundation and concealer as you normally would.
foundation and concealer only.

Apply the highlighter to areas such as the centre of your face, your nose, your cupids bow.  Then apply the darker shade to areas such as the hollows of your cheeks, your forehead, your jawline.  Different face shapes will require different contouring and high lighting, for example I have a large forehead so I would add more of a contour to that area.

How to contour your face shape.

Then blend, blend, blend. Then blend some more.  Start by blending in the highlighter, I normally use a sponge to press it into the face, then take a brush and buff in circular motions,  the darker shade until it looks even and there are no obvious lines left.

Left side shows the face before contouring, right side shows face after. 

I just popped on some blush, eye shadow, liner and mascara and she was good to go.  Easy peasy.    I hope this helps some of you guys.  Its only €10 and is sold in selected pharmacies around the country as well as online.

Dee xx

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