2 Sep 2015

Summer is over....Time for a change in Skin Care

Sad and all as it is, Summer is over!  Traffic is crap again and there is Chr**tmas stuff in some shops, WTF?  But with the end of our “Sunny” Season, comes the need to change up your skincare routine.  As the weather changes and the cold air starts to creep in over the next few weeks, you should make a point of having a good look at what your putting on you face and consider what could do with being left behind and if you need additional products. 

Personally I try to wear minimal makeup during the summer and I tend to go for a gel based moisturizer, but as the Winter approaches and with it central heating, my skin begins to dry out and become parched.  I use a serum everyday but I will change to a much more intensive hydrating brand in the next couple of weeks.  
Personally I love the La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intensive Serum, it’s definitely worth the money as it lasts for ages, you only need a tiny bit to keep your skin from drying out. 

Because I'm in an office everyday, my skin gets SO dried out from the heating, I try to keep a bowl of water in my sitting room at home to help add moisture into the air but I always end up with dehydrated, flaky skin, so during the day I use a couple of different products, depending on the level of dryness I'm experiencing on a particular day.  First up for major dryness I go for a thick and intensive cream, such as La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche.  This is so creamy and has my skin looking normal from the first time I use it. 

On other days when I'm not to parched looking or I'm not going to be leaving the house and wearing makeup I like to go for a slightly lighter type cream and also one that is a budget buy, Oilatum Natural Repair Face cream. This is a great brand and the cream can be used on the whole family. 

I use this cream at night sometimes and once it has been absorbed I like to throw on some Vaseline to help keep the moisture in.   If you are on a tight budget then are a couple of other options I would recommend such as Nivea and Astral  Cream, these creams were used by our Grandmothers for years and I don't know about you but I always remember my Nana having great skin.

So get ahead of the change in weather and get your winter products before the chill hits. 

Do you use any of these products?  Or do you have any other recommendations for me?

Dee xx

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Ana B said...

Well, well, well, they seem like great products to try out. I have never thought of these things that Summer is over and got to find new products for the coming season. thanks for letting us know.