12 Nov 2015

What Salon?

Ever been stuck for a hair appointment??  Or wanted a quick change of style but didn't want to wait for an appointment?  Well help is at hand, say hello to What Salon.  This is the new Apple/Android app that allows you to log on and find your nearest salon and book an appointment for the very same day.  The app also has a wallet feature that you can upload cash into, this can be used to pay for your hair appointment.

It is really quite simple, you download the App, log in and add a credit/debit card, search for your nearest salon and then book an appointment.  You can even choose which stylist you would prefer.  There are salons in Dublin City Centre, North and South Dublin and salons in Cork available on the app.

So today I gave it a whirl and here is how I got on....................

At 12 noon today I logged onto the app and picked a salon close to my office and booked an appointment for 1.30pm.  The app took a deposit and the remainder can be paid at the salon.  It was as simple as that.  An hour and half later I was sitting in the lovely Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon on Parliament Street.

And let me tell you this place is so nice, the staff were lovely and friendly.  My stylist, Catherine, sat me down for a consultation even though it was just a blow dry, so she could be sure what I wanted.  Then over to the basins for a detoxing shampoo to get rid of any build up of product from my hair, followed by the most relaxing head massage while she applied a lavender scented conditioner, seriously I nearly fell asleep.

Then she blow dried my hair just as I wanted and finished the style off with some Aveda Styling Potion and Hairspray.  As I went to leave the salon the most typical of scenarios unfolded, the bloody heavens opened and I was totally unprepared, but thankfully the salon stocked one of the most important items needed for surviving in Ireland, umbrellas!!  Yes, there was a stand by the till stocked with handbag sized umbrellas for the tidy sum of €6, same price as Pennys (just saying).  So I snapped one up and went on my merry way with my blow dry still intact.

All in All, I am very impressed with the service of both the What Salon app and Whetstone Salon and will definitely be using both again.  If you are like me and don't have the patience to wait for an appointment once you have decided to change your hair or are just bad remembering to book yourself in when you have a night out planned, then this is your only man, especially with the festive season fast approaching.

So get downloading.........

Dee xx

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